Tyre Balancing is absolutely essential for preventing premature and uneven tyre wear. Any tyre shop will put your wheels on a balancing machine to check for out-of-balance conditions, but did you know that a traditional balancer only does half the job?

There’s nothing wrong with a standard balancing service performed at other stores. In fact, traditional balancing machines have been in service for decades with great results, but there are modern techniques, enhanced technology and more precision to be had by using updated equipment.

Complete wheel balancing with advanced equipment.

Road Force Balancing takes into account not only imbalanced tyres and wheels, but also factors in the stiffness of the sidewall and how the interconnected layers of the tyre sidewall can cause vibrations whilst driving.

Integrity Tyres have invested in state-of-the-art balancing equipment, made by Hunter Engineering Company in the United States.

Our Road Force Balancer uses an external roller to measure sidewall strength and ensure that any counterweights added to the tyre are placed in a way that counteracts both static imbalances and manufacturing tolerances within the wheel and tyre set.

On top of the external roller, our wheel balancing equipment has laser measurement technology to check for lateral runout, providing a third dimension to your balancing process!

The accuracy of our equipment allows weights to be installed within 0.35 degrees of accuracy for a perfect, vibration free drive every time.

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We’re more than just a tyre store, we’re technology enthusiasts who love cars. We strive for perfect results and outstanding customer service.

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